So it Begins..... 

Sunday May 7, 2006

The Olive Branch Community Church held it's first worship service beginning at 11:00 AM. Pastor Darryl Perry presented a message entitled, "A Letter in a Jar of Clay".  A memorable sound byte from that sermon was, "we are letters that are still being written (by God) stored in jars of clay".  An appropriate message for the beginning of a new community of believers who walk by faith into the unknown of church planting.

Pastor Perry commented on praying in the worship area with the windows open and listening to the crowds at Hamilton Crossing Park during baseball season.  He commented that the sound of the many voices was like a "hum or a buzz".  The opportunities that presents itself because of the church location is staggering. We don't ever need to worry about a place to have outdoor fellowships.  In addition to the spacious front lawn there is an amazing area for recreation just across the street provided by the Bartow County Recreation Department. 

We envision the church handing out water bottles with Olive Branch Community Church on the label on a hot spring day during baseball season.  Perhaps making coffee for Football Games with the church logo on the cups.  We could hand out literature or give away gifts to walkers- maybe step counters with the service times while we point them across the street.  The possibilities are staggering for the park alone. 

New subdivision starts and the large 400 home Planters provide an unending challenge of inviting those who live in those homes to The Olive Branch.  People are looking for something that is sincere and heartfelt.  God set eternity in their heart.  Whether the 80% of this area (No. of people considered "the unchurched") know it or not - they are looking for HIM.  The Good News is- He is looking for them.  The Olive Branch is simply a means to this end.  We humbly accept this challenge given to us by God.