Do You Really Believe
That What You Believe
Is Really Real?

As it has been throughout history, God continues to call ordinary people to make an eternal difference in our world. We invite you to be a part of this cultural change by participating in the live nation-wide Focus on the Family's Truth Project Simulcast Training Event. We believe this one-day event represents the possibility for exponential change within the body of Christ, as we expect that tens of thousands will be transformed by this curriculum.

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The Truth Project from Dr. Del Tackett.
The Truth Project, a new initiative of Focus on the Family created by Dr. Del Tackett, offers a systematic and comprehensive way to bring God's Truth to the people of your church and community.

The  Truth Project  Training Event will equip you to make a Christ-centered difference on our culture by applying God's principles to your daily life.

Truth Project  Training Event

Dr. Del Tackett, author of The Truth Project Curriculum, will teach on

  • Understanding and living the Christian worldview in daily life
  • Knowing the nature and character of God
  • Recognizing God's design for all of life: work, science, family, government, art, ethics and more
  • Learning how to thrive in a hostile culture
  • Marrying our actions to our core beliefs
  • All participants will learn how to lead this life-changing DVD-based small group curriculum to impact their church and community.

Truth Project Training Event Schedule

Olive Branch Community Church

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